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A Few Good Reasons to Remodel Your Bathroom

10 Reasons to Remodel Your Bathroom


When things change in western culture, they change for the better. We see things that used to be mundane become tech-savvy and interesting. This is what many plumbing companies are realizing is happening to bathrooms.

Homeowners realize that there are a lot of great reasons to upgrade their bathroom so that it is no longer mundane and inconvenient.

There are several bathroom remodeling updates that one can make so that the most important room in the house will be idealized.

Phillipsburg, NJ bathroom remodeling1 – More Space

There is a lot that the bathroom needs. A woman has a lot of makeup that she needs to store. There is toothpaste, appliances such as a hairdryer or a curler, towels, shampoo, and much more.

Perhaps you are not so interested in space for storage as much as you are interested in simulating space just so your bathroom does not feel as cramped.

There are a lot of bathroom remodeling upgrades that allow you to make the most of your space. A few of them follow.

• Floating sinks jetting out of the wall

• Tankless toilets

• A curved shower rod.

2 – Increasing Safety

Senior citizens sometimes get to the point wherein they cannot hold themselves up in the bathroom shower. Just as they need walking sticks, they also need some sort of support in the shower.

Similarly, the man who wakes up at the crack of dawn to go to the work might feel a little drowsy in the shower, especially with all of the steam. Both of these individuals would be vulnerable to collapsing to the floor.

Many Phillipsburg homeowners are upgrading their shower to include a grab bar or a built in seating bench to sustain their weight and prevent a fall.

3 – Heated Floors

When you sit down on the toilet, you might be confronted by a chill as you put your feet on the floor. When you step out of the shower and prepare for the day, you find that your bathroom floor is often very cold.

But heated floors are quickly becoming a favorite innovation to make the bathroom floor more comfortable. Many of them even come with a massaging feature.

When you have had a long day at work, you can look forward to a foot massage in your Phillipsburg bathroom after you get out of the shower.

4 – Modern Design

Many of the modern bathroom designs are quite creative and expressive.

People are realizing that the bathroom is an area wherein they can really demonstrate their artistic prowess and show some of the great ideas that they have had. The lighting in the bathroom also allows people to choose some bolder, darker colors that would not work well in other rooms. Black works in the bathroom because of the lighting.

Whether you want to make a design in the tiles or on the wallpaper, or if you want to create a theme for your bathroom, you have a lot of creative space to work with.

5 – Your shampoo keeps falling over.

This happens to the best of us every now and then. An individual will squeeze out a bit of shampoo into his hand, put the bottle back and then start washing. A few seconds later, the bottle slams onto the floor and scares them, almost enough to make them fall over.

There is just not enough space for the shampoo and conditioner and soap in many bathrooms. Many people are making a simple maneuver to overcome this problem. They will cut out a portion of their wall to create a comfortable little cubby section to put all of their items.

6 – A Second Shower Head

You work hard every day. You deserve a bit of luxury in your bathroom. If you want a second shower head, you should have it so that you can get the most out of your bathroom experience.

Perhaps you could have one in your hand and one overhead, both spraying steaming water onto you as you enjoy an experience similar to the spa, in your own bathroom, every morning before work.

Phillipsburg, NJ bathroom remodeling 27 – You want to have more spa features.

With spa features in mind, there actually are several on the market that you can install in your bathroom and enjoy the luxury that you would get at the spa on a daily basis.

Perhaps the most prominent one is the steam shower. Rather than stepping into water every day, step into steam. This will be good for your skin and will save a lot of water.

So while it may be more expensive now, it will save money on your water bill over time.

8 – Your house is old.

If your house was constructed years ago, there may still be a few design flaws that you really need to work out. One of the main design flaws is that you have a carpet in your bathroom that you need to get rid of and replace with something else.

There is a reason that bathrooms no longer have carpets. They are always getting wet. That is not good for the carpet and it is not very comfortable either to walk across a wet rug every time you need to use the bathroom.

Put some tiles or wood in and perhaps you can have a small throw rug in there that you can wash on a regular basis and remove if it becomes too wet.

9 – Wood Flooring

In an effort to comfort the cold floors and as a new design maneuver, many people are installing wood floors rather than tiles.

10 – Updating Ventilation

If your bathroom does not have a window, you should install one. That hot air is either going to consume you or you can let it out the window.

If you want to find a plumbing company in your hometown of Phillipsburg, NJ who can help you to navigate through some of these upgrades, contact AmeriServe at (610) 258-2591.

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