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Simple Remedies for Your Garbage Disposal

Simple Remedies for Your Garbage Disposal

The garbage disposal is crucial in keeping your modern kitchen clean and odor free. A garbage disposal is used for disposing of organic materials that will rot and cause your kitchen to smell bad if placed in a garbage bag.

Garbage disposals, however, at times can cause leaks leading to countless problems. Your kitchen can be muddled with lots of trash lying around causing unwanted smells. When this happens, fixing your leaking disposal becomes a priority.

You can always try and fix it yourself or let an experienced plumber fix it for you if you have no knowledge of how it works. However, it is always important to understand the basics of your garbage disposal especially the do’s and don’ts.

avoid-a-garbage-disposal-leakI once had a problem with my garbage disposal, it would not turn on, nor would it make any sound. It also leaked from the bottom causing my kitchen to get wet and messy.

I had owned it for about nine months and was not expecting it to give me problems so soon.

So when it started malfunctioning that early I was quite surprised. While purchasing a garbage disposal, one is always confronted with a quandary. You always want a device that has the latest technology, will last longer, and that comes with a warranty that is pocket-friendly.

Garbage disposals are very convenient. However at times, they can be very frustrating. You should always minimize the likelihood of calling a plumber. If your disposal starts leaking it is important that you know the basics of how it operates.

There are different places that a leak can occur within your garbage disposal. To fix a garbage disposal that is leaking, you need prior knowledge. This information will help you know when a garbage disposal is repairable and when you need to replace it with a new one.

Diagnosing and Fixing a Garbage Disposal Problem

A few parts of your garbage disposal are common culprits when a leak is discovered. These are:

Sink Flange

garbage-disposal_360This is the metal seal found between the sink and the garbage disposal. The flange can weaken over time due to the vibration caused by the garbage disposal. This causes the screws and the seal to wear down and loosen.

Another reason for a sink flange to begin loosening is when it is hit hard causing a leak to occur. To fix this problem, you will first need to detach your garbage disposal. Most garbage disposals are sealed with plumber’s putty. Hence, you will need to clean the old putty and seal it again.

For the garbage disposals that don’t have this putty, use tightly compressed screws. If you have this type in your kitchen, you need to replace the flange of your garbage disposal. It is advised that you know what you are doing as this a crucial job. If it becomes too difficult, it is always recommended that you get a qualified plumber.

Failed Dishwasher Connection

Garbage disposals are at times connected to the dishwasher. This pipe drains the water from the dishwasher and helps to remove any remaining foods from pans, plates, dishes and other utensils being washed.

The point where the hose connects to your dishwasher unit can leak. This mainly happens when the clamps that secure the hose are not tight enough. To fix this problem check whether the pipe is cracked or loose and then replace the cracked part and secure the hose.

Discharge Pipe

The discharge pipe is located at the bottom of your garbage disposal. It is the pipe that goes to the drain of the sink. The pipe is usually connected by a flange and a seal. This pipe at times may loosen or fail to function altogether. This at many times is usually a result of wear and tear.

To fix this problem, you need to tighten the flange. If the leak continues, you need to replace the seal. It is usually located between the retaining nut and the discharge pipe.

garbage-disposal-connectionsCrack in The Garbage Disposal Body

This mostly occurs when your garbage disposals get older. It is usually more predisposed to cracks in the shell. In this case, the leak will be from the seams. The only way to fix this problem is by replacing the entire garbage disposal with a new one.

Precautions Garbage Disposal Owners Should Observe

Garbage disposals should never at any time be mistaken with trash cans. Everything that you put inside a garbage disposal should be biodegradable. Items that are not food related can damage the blades or motor of your disposal. Some important things that you should never do with your disposal are:

  • First, you should never put your fingers or hand in your disposal.
  • Glass, metal, plastic or paper could also damage the disposal.
  • Grinding anything combustible should never be done.
  • Do not pour oils or hot water in your disposal, this could clog your drain.

It is also important to consistently use water as you grind until all garbage is gone. Your motor should always be on when grinding and should not be switched off until all food is gone.

Also, limit the amount of food you put in your garbage disposal to avoid it jamming and clogging. You should also never use bleach, harsh chemicals or drain cleaners. They will damage your garbage disposal blades and pipes.

Garbage Disposal Maintenance Tips

  • Clean your garbage disposal with dish soap and cold water after you have washed the dishes.
  • You should also run your garbage disposal regularly to prevent obstructions.
  • Cut the large food pieces into smaller pieces; it makes the grinding much easier.
  • You can use ice to clean and sharpen your garbage disposal blades. It helps in breaking any accumulated grease.

You can do the general maintenance and simple remedies of your garbage disposal by yourself.

If the simple solution does not work or the problem worsens you can always contact AmeriServe with this number (610) 258-2591. AmeriServe is located in Easton, PA and is guaranteed to fix your garbage disposal emergencies.


Why Saving Water During Summer is Key

Why Saving Water During Summer is Key

While many see summer as a carefree time of the year, water conservation has become a severe issue that requires some serious consideration. We live in a world that is moving along at an immensely rapid pace. There are constant changes, worries, and fears, and all of this can cause a person to miss some urgent issues that are right in front of their face.

conserve-waterCurrently, a significant portion of the United States is under drought conditions, and the heat of the summer months could easily affect other areas that have not yet been affected. Proper water management is essential to conserving water at a rate that can positively impact the current situation.

Summer Represents Peak Season for Water Demand

During the summer is when homeowners use more water than at any other time of the year. On average homeowners use two to four times more water in the summer than at other time of the year, depending on geographical location.

This increase is driven by some activities that are associated with the season, such as filling and maintaining water levels in swimming pools, watering lawns and landscaping, and car washing (people wash their cars significantly more during the summer months).

Reducing Water Use Will Save Money

Water conservation can save you money in two primary ways. First of all, the simple way that reducing water usage can save you money is by lowering your water bill. Obviously, the more water that is used, the higher the water bill will be.

Secondly, When the demand for something that is scarce goes up, the price goes up in correspondence, so during the summer months you don’t only spend more money because you are using more water, but you spend more money because you are being charged more than for the water than at any other time of the year. By monitoring your water waste, you will lower your monthly bill.

Positively Impact the Environment

world-water-conservationAs the world population grows, the demand for water increases, which has placed a strain on the natural ecosystem. To exacerbate the matter, companies are dumping robust and hazardous waste in the water supply, contaminating it at a level that makes it unusable. Our lakes, streams, and oceans have been used as impromptu dumping grounds.

The more the fresh water supply becomes contaminated, the more we will need to be more responsible in our water consumption. There are endless studies that reveal that global warming is getting worse, and this places the global environment in a critical state. For a vivid example of wasteful practices that are negatively impacting our environment, you only have to consider the great Pacific garbage patch.

Saving Water Also Saves Energy

One thing that people rarely consider when using water at their home is how it impacts energy consumption. When you turn on the water at your home, it has to be pumped from its location through pipes, and the pressure has to be maintained. The use of these pumps to pump the water through your faucet or water hose requires energy, meaning that using water also contributes to your carbon footprint.

Diminishing a Life Substance

While people tend to treat water with much contempt, next to oxygen, it is the most valuable commodity on the planet. Think about it for a moment. If you lose oxygen, you have approximately three to five minutes to live, without incurring brain damage, and maybe seven to 10 minutes before you perish. Well, without water, you will likely die within 72 hours.

With water levels in some parts of the U.S. below what is considered critical and more than one-third of 40 countries suffering from some degree of water shortage, we must be willing to consider the probability that we may be one generation from not having enough water for the population.Water waste is placing everyone at risk

Our Luxury is Life to Other Species

It is important for us to understand that we are not on this planet alone. We share the planet with an almost infinite number of distinct species, and they all require water to survive. When we waste water by over watering a lawn or washing a car every week, we are contributing to the reduction in the water levels in the streams, lakes and rivers that supply water to other species.

rain-barrel-collection-systemWhat may seem insignificant is quite impactful. When a species dies off, it impacts the entire ecological system and takes the Earth further out of balance. This planet is supposed to function in cycles, but we are consistently eliminating essential elements within the period.

Taking Steps to Correct the Problem

Fortunately, all is not lost. With proper water management practices, we can still conserve water at a rate that will allow water reserves to replenish themselves. Naturally, this will not happen overnight, but we have to begin somewhere. One thing that you can do to reduce water use is learning how to do more with less. If you are going to water your lawn, water, don’t waste.

There is a difference. More than 80 percent of the people who water their lawn regularly, overwater the grass. The lawn can only take so much water at a given time before runoff occurs. Additionally, as the water runs off, it will likely also erode the landscaping, which will also cost you money to fix.

Next, you should contact your local plumbing service to have a service technician come out to advise you on some changes you can make to your plumbing hardware to increase water use efficiency.

Using water hose nozzles that restrict water flow and improve water pressure, making the lawn watering and the car washing processes more efficient.

You can also reduce the number of days each week that you water your lawn and cut back on a number of times you wash the car each month.

If you are looking for quality services in your Phillipsburg, NJ home, call AmeriServe at (610) 258-2591.


Save Money on Toilet Repair, Don’t Flush Your Wipes!

Why Flushing Regular Wipes Will Clog Your Drains

DIY wet wipes are being touted as easy to make and cheaper than store-brought products. What many consumers don’t realize is that flushing wipes down the toilet is like playing Russian roulette with their plumbing systems.

Recently, a number of lawsuits have been filed against companies that make flushable wipes because consumers believe the companies are not telling the truth about the wipes.

While companies market the wipes as being flushable, the truth is that most wipes aren’t designed to be flushed down the toilet. There have been countless reports of major plumbing disasters caused by the wipes.

These products have been causing problems for homeowners and local sewer municipalities. Consumers have had to pay professional plumbers for toilet repair to fix a clogged toilet. However, consumers who ended up with a clogged toilet may have escaped far more sinister problems.

Phillipsburg, NJ DIY-wet-wipes-1Never Made to Pass Through the Plumbing

Many companies say it’s safe to flush their wipes down the toilet. While many wipes do, in fact, make it down the toilet, the real problems occur deep within the plumbing system.

The major downside of deep plumbing problems is that they’re much more expensive to deal with.

Many consumers have had to pay thousands of dollars for plumbing repairs, which were caused by flushable wipes. Several different brands have been cited in lawsuits.

A few of the most well-known brands that have been caught up in the controversy are Charmin, Wet Ones and Kleenex.

According to reports from consumers, many individuals had to pay thousands of dollars to unclog their plumbing pipes because they flushed popular wipes down the toilet.

After flushing regular wipes down the toilet, consumers have experienced that septic system failure and septic backups, increased utility bills and toilet clogs.

If the wipes were truly safe to flush, then they shouldn’t be causing these problems. You might think that you can avoid these problems if you flush DIY wipes sparingly, but several studies have proven this theory wrong.

According to recent reports, even a handful of wipes can cause major plumbing problems. In one particular case, a homeowner experienced a toilet clog after flushing a single wipe.

Problems at Water Treatment Plants

Homeowners aren’t the only ones feeling the pain. A number of water treatment plants are experiencing numerous problems caused by the massive amounts of flushed wipes entering their systems.

The waste that you flush down your toilet must go somewhere, so it ends up at a local water treatment facility.

Once it arrives at the treatment facility, it’s cleansed and released into the environment. However, the treatment plants can’t clean the water if their equipment is getting jammed up with discarded wipes.

Standard toilet paper isn’t a problem because it doesn’t take long to disintegrate.

There are several types of wipes that can take weeks to completely break down. By this time, they’ve already managed to join together and create a massive clog at the local water treatment plant.

In many areas of the country, water treatment facilities have reported a 35 percent increase in clogged sewer lines and broken pumps. The majority of this increase has been caused by flushed wipes.

Incorrect Labeling of Wipes

A major contributor to the problem is the incorrect labeling of wipes. If these products aren’t safe to flush down the toilet, then they need to be labeled as such.

However, many companies are labeling their products as being flushable when they’re not safe to flush.

This is fueling the fire because consumers see the labeling and assume it’s safe to flush the wipes.

When standard toilet paper is flushed down the toilet, it takes only seconds to disintegrate and become harmless for plumbing systems. Several studies have shown that regular wipes can take up to 10 minutes to start breaking down.

After cities have been forced to spend millions of dollars on new equipment to combat flushed wipes, they decided to perform their own tests. Sewer officials found that regular wipes were causing the majority of problems that they had been fighting to control.

Flushable Wipes Can Ruin Your Septic System

There is no way around the fact that wet wipes have the potential to ruin your septic system. If you have a toddler in your home and flush wipes down the toilet, it’s only a matter of time before things go terribly wrong inside of your septic system.

If you get lucky, you might only have to pay a few hundred dollars to get your septic system fixed. However, if you’re not as lucky, you could end up paying thousands of dollars to repair the damage.

While examining many of the moist wipe packages found in countless U.S. stores, you might see words like sewage safe, septic safe and flushable.

For the last few years, many companies have been marketing and selling these products as safe for your septic system.

When scrutinized with the simplest of tests, virtually all of the products failed to hold true to their promise of being flushable.

The reality is that these products can cause problems that drain cleaning and toilet repair might not fix. Regular wipes are responsible for millions of dollars in premature septic system failures.

Phillipsburg, NJ DIY-wet-wipes-2How the Problems Play Out and What to Do

If your septic system has been assaulted by wipes, you might notice water seeping out of your toilet or water softener system. Water might also begin to flood your basement.

Unfortunately, by the time you start noticing symptoms, it could already be too late to prevent costly plumbing repairs.

The good news is that there are steps that you can take to prevent these problems from occurring.

If you want to avoid these problems, you should never flush wipes down your toilet. It’s always best to throw them in the trash. You should also consider our drain cleaning services.

We also offer affordable toilet repair. To prevent these major plumbing problems, you should never flush wipes down the toilet, but it’s also important to maintain your plumbing system.

A lack of maintenance can make your septic system much more vulnerable to problems caused by flushing wipes.

For quality services in your Phillipsburg, NJ home, call AmeriServe at (610) 258-2591.


Benefits of an Advanced Water Filtration System

Every living thing, be it a plant or animal, depends on water for survival. Without water, there would be no life.

Compared to other living things, human beings are very sensitive to the quality of water they use. Lack of sufficient clean water will significantly affect the way a human body functions because every cells and organs rely on water to function.

However, not all water is fit for human use. Though the water may be clear and look fit for consumption, never take chances because there may be something that may harm your health.

Many organizations are pushing people to get water filtration systems to help reduce diseases that are related to contaminated water. Therefore, look for a well-experienced plumbing company in Easton to help in selecting the right water filtration system.

Below are advantages of having an advanced water filtration system.

Easton, PA water-filter-installationFiltered water has a better taste and smell.

Water travels thousands of kilometers before getting to our homes. The water company may have released the water clean with no contamination.

However, by the time the water gets to your home, it may get contaminated by dirty water that may have leaked into pipes that have cracked or water that has stayed in the pipeline for too long.

As a result, the water may have bad taste and smell that makes it not fit for human consumption. With an advanced water filtration system, the water can be filtered to have better taste and smell.

Reduces Cancers Related to Contaminated Water

Water contaminants cause several types of cancer. Some of the most common ones are colon, rectal and bladder cancers.

By having a water filter installation done at your home, you reduce the risk of getting these diseases. Though the diseases may be treated, it is expensive. All these can be avoided by installing an advanced water filtration system. Those who use clean, filtered water have less risk of getting cancer ailments compared to those who do not use filtered water.

Therefore, get one in your home and reduce the possibility of water contaminated cancers.

Removes Water Contaminants

Water that has not been filtered using an advanced water filtration system may contain up to 2100 water contaminants. These contaminants are harmful to human health. Fortunately, almost all of these water contaminants can be easily be avoided if you get water filtration system installed in your house.

An advanced water filtration system has been designed only to eliminate the harmful ones and leave the healthy ones that help the body achieve a good chemical balance.

It has health benefits.

Drinking clean water has significant health benefits. It helps the body to function properly and reduce body strain. With clean, filtered water, the body is taking in the water that does not result in any discomfort. Some of the discomforts may be not noticeable right away.

With an advanced water filtration system, harmful substances such as heavy metals are removed from the water. These heavy metals are harmful to the body. Even chlorine is not good for the body. The reason it is used is because it is the cheapest way of disinfecting water but not the best.

Cheaper in the Long Run

Water bottling business is big business because people are becoming aware that tap water is not always safe for human consumption. Those homes that do not have a water filtration system installed opt to buy bottled water.

When compared to having a water filtration system in your house, buying bottled water is expensive in the long run. It is also tiresome having to go and buy water.

With an advanced water filtration system installed in your home, you are saving yourself from the stresses of buying bottled water and saves you money in the long run.

Cheap to Maintain

With most water filtration system that will remove most water contaminants, the cost of maintenance is usually low because they do not use electricity to function.

However, be careful before deciding on which one to get installed in your Easton home because some of them use electricity. There is no need to install one that will cost you more money to maintain. With those that do not use electricity, the only cost comes when replacing the filter, something that is done once for a while.

Easton, PA water-filter-installation-2Clean, Healthy Drinking Water

Apart from getting water that reduces the risks of contamination, water filtration delivers water that is clean and healthy for drinking.

Body cells and body organs heavily depend on water to function properly. The human skin is one of the organs that benefits heavily from filtered water. If you research in medical journals, it has been proven than people who take lots of clean, filtered water have a kinder skin than those who drink ordinary water that is not filtered.

Good for Children’s Mental and Physical Growth

The growth of children is dependent on clean and healthy water. And because children may not be keen on the kind of water they drink, they may end up drinking dirty water, especially if they are indoors, and the tap water is not filtered.

A filtration system reduces the risk of them drinking water that may be contaminated or not clean. It is prudent to install a water filtration system that will distribute safe drinking water to all water sources in the house.

Pregnant women and unborn children benefit from clean water.

The health of an unborn child is dependent on the health of the mother. With safe drinking water, a pregnant woman is assured of protection against any water contaminants that may get to the baby through blood.

Pregnant women who drink clean water from an advanced water filtration system are less likely to give birth to children with defects. Therefore, get a water filter installation done if there is a pregnant woman in your home

For great water filter installation services in your Easton, PA home, call AmeriServe at (610) 258-2591.


A Few Good Reasons to Remodel Your Bathroom

10 Reasons to Remodel Your Bathroom


When things change in western culture, they change for the better. We see things that used to be mundane become tech-savvy and interesting. This is what many plumbing companies are realizing is happening to bathrooms.

Homeowners realize that there are a lot of great reasons to upgrade their bathroom so that it is no longer mundane and inconvenient.

There are several bathroom remodeling updates that one can make so that the most important room in the house will be idealized.

Phillipsburg, NJ bathroom remodeling1 – More Space

There is a lot that the bathroom needs. A woman has a lot of makeup that she needs to store. There is toothpaste, appliances such as a hairdryer or a curler, towels, shampoo, and much more.

Perhaps you are not so interested in space for storage as much as you are interested in simulating space just so your bathroom does not feel as cramped.

There are a lot of bathroom remodeling upgrades that allow you to make the most of your space. A few of them follow.

• Floating sinks jetting out of the wall

• Tankless toilets

• A curved shower rod.

2 – Increasing Safety

Senior citizens sometimes get to the point wherein they cannot hold themselves up in the bathroom shower. Just as they need walking sticks, they also need some sort of support in the shower.

Similarly, the man who wakes up at the crack of dawn to go to the work might feel a little drowsy in the shower, especially with all of the steam. Both of these individuals would be vulnerable to collapsing to the floor.

Many Phillipsburg homeowners are upgrading their shower to include a grab bar or a built in seating bench to sustain their weight and prevent a fall.

3 – Heated Floors

When you sit down on the toilet, you might be confronted by a chill as you put your feet on the floor. When you step out of the shower and prepare for the day, you find that your bathroom floor is often very cold.

But heated floors are quickly becoming a favorite innovation to make the bathroom floor more comfortable. Many of them even come with a massaging feature.

When you have had a long day at work, you can look forward to a foot massage in your Phillipsburg bathroom after you get out of the shower.

4 – Modern Design

Many of the modern bathroom designs are quite creative and expressive.

People are realizing that the bathroom is an area wherein they can really demonstrate their artistic prowess and show some of the great ideas that they have had. The lighting in the bathroom also allows people to choose some bolder, darker colors that would not work well in other rooms. Black works in the bathroom because of the lighting.

Whether you want to make a design in the tiles or on the wallpaper, or if you want to create a theme for your bathroom, you have a lot of creative space to work with.

5 – Your shampoo keeps falling over.

This happens to the best of us every now and then. An individual will squeeze out a bit of shampoo into his hand, put the bottle back and then start washing. A few seconds later, the bottle slams onto the floor and scares them, almost enough to make them fall over.

There is just not enough space for the shampoo and conditioner and soap in many bathrooms. Many people are making a simple maneuver to overcome this problem. They will cut out a portion of their wall to create a comfortable little cubby section to put all of their items.

6 – A Second Shower Head

You work hard every day. You deserve a bit of luxury in your bathroom. If you want a second shower head, you should have it so that you can get the most out of your bathroom experience.

Perhaps you could have one in your hand and one overhead, both spraying steaming water onto you as you enjoy an experience similar to the spa, in your own bathroom, every morning before work.

Phillipsburg, NJ bathroom remodeling 27 – You want to have more spa features.

With spa features in mind, there actually are several on the market that you can install in your bathroom and enjoy the luxury that you would get at the spa on a daily basis.

Perhaps the most prominent one is the steam shower. Rather than stepping into water every day, step into steam. This will be good for your skin and will save a lot of water.

So while it may be more expensive now, it will save money on your water bill over time.

8 – Your house is old.

If your house was constructed years ago, there may still be a few design flaws that you really need to work out. One of the main design flaws is that you have a carpet in your bathroom that you need to get rid of and replace with something else.

There is a reason that bathrooms no longer have carpets. They are always getting wet. That is not good for the carpet and it is not very comfortable either to walk across a wet rug every time you need to use the bathroom.

Put some tiles or wood in and perhaps you can have a small throw rug in there that you can wash on a regular basis and remove if it becomes too wet.

9 – Wood Flooring

In an effort to comfort the cold floors and as a new design maneuver, many people are installing wood floors rather than tiles.

10 – Updating Ventilation

If your bathroom does not have a window, you should install one. That hot air is either going to consume you or you can let it out the window.

If you want to find a plumbing company in your hometown of Phillipsburg, NJ who can help you to navigate through some of these upgrades, contact AmeriServe at (610) 258-2591.


How To Light Your Water Heater

Gas Water Heaters Explained

Many who have a gas water heater already know how they function, but there are some who may have moved into a home recently with a gas heater and must learn how the heater functions. Those that don’t know this should understand that a pilot is lit on a gas heater, and this can then light the main burner, which burns gas flowing to the heater to allow it to warm up the water.

 Easton, PA Lighting-water-heatersThe pilot must stay lit at all times, in order for the heater to function as it should, and if the pilot ever goes out, then it takes away the heater’s capability to heat up the water. Pilots go out all the time on gas heaters, and it can be because of the low gas supply, which may be the fault of the gas company. It’s also possible that the pilot is no longer functional and has to be replaced, or the pilot may have gone out by accident. Whatever the reason is why the pilot has gone out, relighting it should allow the heater to warm the water.

Getting The Pilot To Light

Lighting the pilot for a gas heater seems easy enough, but it’s still a good idea to allow an Easton area plumber to come and check out the heater as well as take the time to relight the pilot after it’s determined that the heater is fully functional.

Remember, there are several reasons for a pilot to go out, and if a malfunction or bad part is the problem, then you’ll still have to call out a plumber to fix the heater, so calling them out right away is the best solution. When it’s necessary to relight a pilot that has gone out, the first thing to do is to locate the pilot. With different models of heaters, the pilot may be in similar places, but the access to the pilot may be blocked in some cases.

In some furnaces, the pilot is visible through glass that keeps the pilot away from anyone as well as keeping it safe from a draft or breeze blowing it out. These types of heaters will have an igniter built into the heater to allow it to light the pilot, so it’s not necessary to manually light the pilot at all.

In the older heaters, the pilot has to be lit by getting fire from a source, such as a wand lighter to light the pilot after turning the gas valve to the “pilot” setting. Although it’s a bit more inconvenient to light a pilot this way, it’s still just as effective as lighting a pilot with an igniter, but it’s best if the person lighting the pilot is very careful to make sure that they don’t get burned.

After seeing that the pilot is out, which can be determined by opening the access door to the pilot, if there is one, then turn off the gas to the heater by switching the gas valve into the off position. It’s a good idea to wait some time, such as five or ten minutes to give the gas time to clear out of the air. Only a small whiff of gas should be present after opening the door or access panel to the pilot, but no other smell of gas should be in the room, especially after the gas is turned off.

Also, turn the temperature gauge on the gas heater to a low setting, which should be the lowest setting possible. After waiting a few minutes, go back the heater, and also bring a wand lighter if it’s necessary to light the pilot manually.

 Easton, PA Lighting-water-heaters-2Go over to the heater to examine the controls that it has, which should be the gas valve, the temperature control valve, and possibly a regulator valve. In order to proceed with relighting the pilot, observe the instructions that should be within a doorway or panel on the heater, depending on the type of heater it is. For the next steps, it’s necessary to use both the left and right hand, so use the hand that’s most comfortable to hold the wand lighter to relight the pilot. Turn the gas valve to “pilot,” which then should feed the gas to the pilot so it can be lit. This valve may be able to be pressed downward, so if it can be, then press down on it while lighting the pilot with the wand lighter in the other hand.

If the gas valve cannot be pressed downward, then it’s necessary to press the regulator valve, which should be above the gas valve. Light the pilot, but don’t let go of either the gas valve or the regulator valve because it’s needed to light the pilot and should be held down for a minute or so. After a minute, release the valve that’s being pushed down, and then the pilot should continue to burn. Turn the gas back on, and turn up the temperature on the water heater to allow the water to warm up, also, close the panel to the pilot.

Safety Tips

Anyone dealing with gas should know of its flammability and the fact that it’s dangerous, so always observe for leaking gas before relighting the pilot. Leaking gas could be coming from the area of the pilot or from other places around the heater, which may have resulted in the pilot going out. All gas leaks should be reported to the gas company.

Always Get Water Heater Repair ASAP

A gas heater is just like an electric heater and needs maintenance every year, but water heater repair is something that must be done as soon as damage or wear occurs on the heater. Getting a plumber in the Easton area out to do water heater repair will fix any problems the heater is having as well as keep the heater working for years.

Get great water heater specialists by calling AmeriServe in Easton, PA at (610) 258-2591.


Emergency Plumbing Services

Home Owners in Easton are not likely to think about their plumbing system unless something goes wrong with it, but it’s important to understand that regular maintenance and proper servicing can extend the life of a home’s plumbing and save owners a lot of money and hassle. Catching small problems before they become larger ones is key to keeping plumbing in good shape. Some things, like keeping drains clear of grease and debris, are things that homeowners can do for themselves. Other things, such as sewer clearing and water heater installation, should only be done by professional plumbers.

Performing a maintenance call, can keep your plumbing system in great shape, and they can help with any plumbing renovations or replacements needed in the home. They can also save homeowners money by introducing energy efficient tools such as tankless water heaters and low flow toilets. They can even recommend the most efficient shower heads for your bathroom, and save you hundreds of dollars each year.

Having your plumbing repaired by professionals makes good sense. They are trained to make any repairs needed without further damaging the plumbing. In the case of water heater installations, it is very important to have a professional plumber do the installation because an incorrectly installed water heater can be more than a nuisance, it can be deadly. AmeriServe can also help ensure that the plumbing system is cost efficient and help homeowners save money on energy costs. They can also help detect problems in older homes, such as deterioration in pipes, that could lead to leaks and water contamination that could cause the water in the home to become unsafe for consumption.

If you are looking for a reliable company to service, maintain, or repair your plumbing system, just call AmeriServ and they will be happy to meet all of your plumbing needs.


Drain it! Drain it Good!

Should You Drain Your Hot Water Heater? Steps On How…

If you ask a variety of plumbers why you should drain your water heater, you will most likely get a variety of reasons. But they all come down to one basic reason. Sediment. All water contains some degree of minerals, dirt or debris.

Easton, PA | Water Heater ServicesThis makes its way into the water heater of your Easton home as well. Although the amount of debris may vary, over time all water heaters will accumulate sediment.

Although there is agreement that water heaters need to be drained, there is not agreement as to how often this should happen. The most popular suggestions are semi-annually or annually. The best way to find your optimum timeframe is to drain your tank every six months.

If there is not a lot of sediment you probably can push draining to once a year. If there is an alarming amount of sediment after 6 months, you may want to try it quarterly or every 4 months instead. Tailor your schedule to combat the elements in your area.


Sediment in a water heater can affect the efficiency in which it operates. A buildup of sediment can clog the drain valve. The more sediment sitting on the bottom of the tank, the less room there is for hot water. Although it is hard to imagine, over years of accumulating sediment, it is possible to have quite a buildup. A home that runs short of hot water on a regular basis should consider draining their hot water heater.

Preventing Damage

Replacing an old water heater may not be the most expensive repair you’ll ever make. However, repairing the damage caused by a leaking water heater may be. Annual maintenance such as flushing your unit can prevent rust building up in the unit.

This can extend the life of your water heater. Just the act of tending to the unit may alert you to any small leaks or drips that may be forming, giving you time to make a planned repair or replacement.

Steps to Draining Your Water Heater

Always keep safety in the forefront when draining the water heater of your Easton home. Turn off the power to the unit, either the electric shut-off or the gas supply.

Look for the valve located above the unit which supplies the cold water into the tank. Turning that valve stops water from being able to refill the unit. Proceed to the closest sink, turn on the hot water and let it run until the stream stops.

Along the bottom of the water heater, you will find another valve, called the drain valve. If your water heater is near a drain or sump pump, attach a hose to the drain valve and run the hose to the drain. If there is no drain, run the hose into a bucket. Let the water run until it runs clear. It is not necessary to drain the entire tank.

When the water is clear again, close the drain valve. Turn on the cold water supply to refill the water tank. Once it is full, restore the power to the unit.

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Don’t Wait, Fix It!

Plumber Recommended Methods For Fixing a Leaky Faucet

An annoying drip from a leaky faucet could lead to serious problems in your Easton home and this is why every home owner will strive to ensure there are no damaged parts in the plumbing system. A leaky faucet, just like any other part of the plumbing system, requires immediate repairs and attention.

Easton, PA faucet_leak_repair_480

Although this may seem an easy task, professional intervention may be necessary for some reasons. If you are planning to fix the faucet yourself, there are several things you should learn as highlighted below.

Block Flow of Water

Before you can begin on the repair work, you should turn off the supply of water to avoid unnecessary disruptions while working on it. Underneath the sink, there are pipes that run up to the basin, you will find a tap, which allows you to switch off the flow of water. Remember if there are leaking parts you will need to dismantle the whole system before restoring it.


The next step after working on the flow of water is to dissemble the setup. This means you will need tools like a wrench to make the work easier for you. Check for decorative parts that should be kept safe and remove each slowly.

The only part you will need to spend some time is on the nuts that join the pipe with the faucet. Depending on the facet installed, it will be easier to spot the faulty parts of the setup. Have all spare parts with you so the replacement work will not be much and difficult.

Have a Replacement Kit

A replacement kit offers all parts that make up the setup, so you will not have much time looking for some missing items. Buy a replacement kit to ensure the work becomes easier while handling the replacement. Check for quality of the materials to avoid getting counterfeits, which will unearth more problems in future.

Installing the Kit

To achieve maximum effect, it is advisable to install the whole kit, removing all the parts that make up the system. This means you will need to replace the springs, valve seats, and cam washers. The O-Rings should also be replaced for better performance of the plumbing system thereafter.

Once this is through, you can assemble the system check whether there are any further problems noted. If you find this challenging to achieve, do not hesitate to contact a reputable Easton plumber to come to your rescue.

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Your Dream Toilet

The Latest Toilet Technologies

Easton, PA toilet-technologies

Standby Mode For Energy Saving

Let’s say you have a high-end toilet that uses up energy, and you’re home in Easton all weekend. You can use your toilet as you see fit, and then here comes Monday.

On Monday, if you have the right toilet, then you can put the toilet in standby mode to save energy. The energy being used on high end toilets with certain technologies may be for the lights, heated seats, and warm water for the toilet.

Putting the toilet on standby mode will allow the toilet to save energy when no one is using it, especially if the person is gone for many hours throughout the day. It’s then possible to turn the toilet back to regular mode to use it as normal. Certain toilets will use technology of their own to determine its own standby mode, which can be more helpful than having to set it by yourself.

Wall Controls Or A Remote Control

It almost sounds humorous that a toilet can have controls other than a handle to flush it, but there are remote controls or wall controls that can be used specifically for a toilet. The toilet can be flushed, heated, and the water temperature adjusted via the controls.

It’s even possible to turn on the nozzles that cleans the posterior by using the controls, and adjusting the water temperature and pressure is also possible through the use of the remote control or the controls on the wall. Not every toilet is set to work with a handheld remote control unless it comes with one, or the control is sold separately.

Some toilets will have controls that are to the side of the toilet instead of on the wall, but they still control the functions of the toilet nonetheless.

A Massaging Toilet Seat

It’s possible to get a spa-like massage by simply sitting on a toilet seat that has a massaging function. These are definitely luxurious and great for anyone who feels the need to have their posterior massaged in the small space of time when they are using the bathroom.

A massaging toilet seat can also be therapeutic for those who have ailments that make it difficult to sit down for even short periods of time. Those who have hemorrhoids will also be thankful for this type of seat, and it’s even better if the seat is heated as well as having massaging capabilities.

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