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Simple Remedies for Your Garbage Disposal

Simple Remedies for Your Garbage Disposal

The garbage disposal is crucial in keeping your modern kitchen clean and odor free. A garbage disposal is used for disposing of organic materials that will rot and cause your kitchen to smell bad if placed in a garbage bag.

Garbage disposals, however, at times can cause leaks leading to countless problems. Your kitchen can be muddled with lots of trash lying around causing unwanted smells. When this happens, fixing your leaking disposal becomes a priority.

You can always try and fix it yourself or let an experienced plumber fix it for you if you have no knowledge of how it works. However, it is always important to understand the basics of your garbage disposal especially the do’s and don’ts.

avoid-a-garbage-disposal-leakI once had a problem with my garbage disposal, it would not turn on, nor would it make any sound. It also leaked from the bottom causing my kitchen to get wet and messy.

I had owned it for about nine months and was not expecting it to give me problems so soon.

So when it started malfunctioning that early I was quite surprised. While purchasing a garbage disposal, one is always confronted with a quandary. You always want a device that has the latest technology, will last longer, and that comes with a warranty that is pocket-friendly.

Garbage disposals are very convenient. However at times, they can be very frustrating. You should always minimize the likelihood of calling a plumber. If your disposal starts leaking it is important that you know the basics of how it operates.

There are different places that a leak can occur within your garbage disposal. To fix a garbage disposal that is leaking, you need prior knowledge. This information will help you know when a garbage disposal is repairable and when you need to replace it with a new one.

Diagnosing and Fixing a Garbage Disposal Problem

A few parts of your garbage disposal are common culprits when a leak is discovered. These are:

Sink Flange

garbage-disposal_360This is the metal seal found between the sink and the garbage disposal. The flange can weaken over time due to the vibration caused by the garbage disposal. This causes the screws and the seal to wear down and loosen.

Another reason for a sink flange to begin loosening is when it is hit hard causing a leak to occur. To fix this problem, you will first need to detach your garbage disposal. Most garbage disposals are sealed with plumber’s putty. Hence, you will need to clean the old putty and seal it again.

For the garbage disposals that don’t have this putty, use tightly compressed screws. If you have this type in your kitchen, you need to replace the flange of your garbage disposal. It is advised that you know what you are doing as this a crucial job. If it becomes too difficult, it is always recommended that you get a qualified plumber.

Failed Dishwasher Connection

Garbage disposals are at times connected to the dishwasher. This pipe drains the water from the dishwasher and helps to remove any remaining foods from pans, plates, dishes and other utensils being washed.

The point where the hose connects to your dishwasher unit can leak. This mainly happens when the clamps that secure the hose are not tight enough. To fix this problem check whether the pipe is cracked or loose and then replace the cracked part and secure the hose.

Discharge Pipe

The discharge pipe is located at the bottom of your garbage disposal. It is the pipe that goes to the drain of the sink. The pipe is usually connected by a flange and a seal. This pipe at times may loosen or fail to function altogether. This at many times is usually a result of wear and tear.

To fix this problem, you need to tighten the flange. If the leak continues, you need to replace the seal. It is usually located between the retaining nut and the discharge pipe.

garbage-disposal-connectionsCrack in The Garbage Disposal Body

This mostly occurs when your garbage disposals get older. It is usually more predisposed to cracks in the shell. In this case, the leak will be from the seams. The only way to fix this problem is by replacing the entire garbage disposal with a new one.

Precautions Garbage Disposal Owners Should Observe

Garbage disposals should never at any time be mistaken with trash cans. Everything that you put inside a garbage disposal should be biodegradable. Items that are not food related can damage the blades or motor of your disposal. Some important things that you should never do with your disposal are:

  • First, you should never put your fingers or hand in your disposal.
  • Glass, metal, plastic or paper could also damage the disposal.
  • Grinding anything combustible should never be done.
  • Do not pour oils or hot water in your disposal, this could clog your drain.

It is also important to consistently use water as you grind until all garbage is gone. Your motor should always be on when grinding and should not be switched off until all food is gone.

Also, limit the amount of food you put in your garbage disposal to avoid it jamming and clogging. You should also never use bleach, harsh chemicals or drain cleaners. They will damage your garbage disposal blades and pipes.

Garbage Disposal Maintenance Tips

  • Clean your garbage disposal with dish soap and cold water after you have washed the dishes.
  • You should also run your garbage disposal regularly to prevent obstructions.
  • Cut the large food pieces into smaller pieces; it makes the grinding much easier.
  • You can use ice to clean and sharpen your garbage disposal blades. It helps in breaking any accumulated grease.

You can do the general maintenance and simple remedies of your garbage disposal by yourself.

If the simple solution does not work or the problem worsens you can always contact AmeriServe with this number (610) 258-2591. AmeriServe is located in Easton, PA and is guaranteed to fix your garbage disposal emergencies.

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