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Call the Experts for Water Heater Repair

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Call the Experts for Water Heater Repair

A syndicated columnist in Easton recently received a letter from a homeowner stating that a contractor had informed them that their water heater had been installed incorrectly due to unfastened flue pipe connections. Instead of a water heater repair, the homeowner felt that he had no choice but to get an entirely new unit, which cost him about $1,000. If you need water heater repair or if it’s been a while since you’ve had maintenance performed, get in touch with Ameriserve Plumbing today.

This Person Should have Called a Professional

In the letter, the homeowner went on to ask the columnist if there was anything that he could do to receive recompense from the home inspector who six months previously had failed to notice that the water heater had been installed incorrectly.

It turns out that the homeowner actually could have called a professional to have a water heater repair performed. The columnist also informed the homeowner that the connections to the flue pipe should have been attached with screws instead of an adhesive like he stated in his original letter. The reason for this is that flue pipes can heat up so much that any adhesive materials that might be on them can wear away.

If you should ever find yourself in a similar situation, it’s in your best interests to first tell your home inspector. That will give the inspector the chance to look at what he or she may have missed and help you decide whether or not you should look into water heater repair.

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