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Save Money With A Service Club Membership!

Professional Service HVAC Technicians

What would happen if you never changed the oil in your car? Or if you never checked your car’s tires for wear?

Like your car, your home’s cooling and heating system requires maintenance and service to operate safely and efficiently. Without it, serious problems can develop, causing you a great deal of damage to repair.

As a Service Club member, you’ll receive:

• AC Maintenance – One precision tune-up, professional cleaning and safety inspection.

• Furnace Maintenance – One precision tune-up, professional cleaning and safety inspection.

1. System Lifespan – your system can last up to twice as long. The annual service you receive as part of your club membership can double the life of your air conditioner and furnace.

2. Save Money – Your savings on utility bills can easily pay for annual service.

3. Annual service reduces your systems chance of breakdowns so much, club members receive a reduced diagnostic fee and a 20% discount on all repairs .

4. Client Rewards – As a Service Club member you get to enjoy a ton of special privileges. If you ever need service, you immediately go to the front of the line when setting your appointment- that’s priority service!!

5. Service club memberships are flexible for all budgets and are available for a low monthly fee or an up front annual fee.

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Safety Inspections

Our HVAC technicians analyze the distribution & system, ensuring that the air filters in place are up to standards and that the supply and return air pathways are free of damage or debris.

Heating and cooling components will be inspected for function, efficiency and safety. The condenser and compressor components of the system are also checked to ensure that these are up to standard and free of clogs or damage.

It is also vital that the exhaust gas venting component of the HVAC system is inspected for safety. Issues such as proper clearance, support and damage or restriction of the flue and other ventilation components are reviewed.

Thermostats, electrical connections and wiring, and safety controls are also visually checked to ensure that they are in safe working order. Each of the system’s parts are checked, and the system as a whole is also reviewed.