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Home Humidifier Installation Done Right

Home Humidifier Installation

Many homeowners adjust their home temperatures without paying much attention to their humidity settings. Certain areas of the United States, such as the North East, experience unusually low levels of humidity. This can lead to such problems as static shocks, dry skin, and allergic reactions. It can also cause sore throats, a persistent dry cough, or respiratory ailments. In addition, low humidity can be damaging to the home, causing such problems as chipped paint, cracked wood floor and molding, and peeling wallpaper. These are the kinds of problems we can solve with a proper home humidifier installation from Ameriserve Heating & Air Conditioning.

How Humidity Affects Thermostat Settings

Many have heard the term “dry heat.”  The body experiences temperatures differently at various humidity levels. Proper humidity settings can increase the perceived heat, and allow the home occupants to be comfortable at lower temperature settings. According to EPA statistics, the average homeowner can save about 4 percent on the heating bill for each degree lower in temperature. For this reason, a home humidifier installation can lead to an average savings of several hundred dollars per year.

Proper Humidifier Installation

Home humidifier installation must be done correctly in order to maintain a proper and uniform moisture level throughout the home. Improper installation of Bethlehem, Pa humidifiers can leave dry or wet spots in the home. For this reason, we recommend homeowners contact Ameriserve Heating & Air Conditioning immediately and setup an appointment for an in-home consultation. You can contact us at 610-867-0505 to get all of your questions answered concerning home humidity installation