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Bathroom Remodeling

Bathroom Remodeling Shower and Tub Services in Easton

Have you been thinking that it was about time to give your bathroom an overhaul? Has your spouse been talking about the dingy tile around the bathtub? A well-planned bathroom remodel or upgrade will go a long way in paying dividends for you and your family, but why not focus on the main upgrades like the sink, fixtures and a shower or tub. Did you know that next to the kitchen, the bathroom is one of the primary factors in home resale values?

AmeriServe in Easton, PA is here to help you realize that dream. Our experienced service people are well qualified in helping homeowners make the right choices when looking at the daunting task of a bathroom upgrade. Besides the choice of contractor, there are also other things that need to be considered. For example, it is wise to sit down and decide just what you want. Do you want to replace a shower and bathtub, a few new fixtures, a toilet that has more comfort and technology?

You might want to consider how much you would like to spend, too and set a budget.

The choices and combinations of tubs and showers can seem to be endless and mind-boggling. For example, do you want a separate shower and a Jacuzzi style bath, or maybe a whirlpool bath? If you are doing a remodel, have you thought about a corner shower, like a fiberglass one with a built-in shower seat? There are a lot of combinations. It would be best to have an idea of what you and the spouse would like, and then you can have something to give to the contractor as a starting point in your discussions.

We at AmeriServe have been in business since 1995, and as a local company, we take pride in the quality of our work and services. When you contact one of our service representatives, not only will he or she sit down and go over your plans and ideas for your bathroom remodel or upgrade, but we will give you options for such things as the types of fixtures available, as well as design ideas you may not have thought of. You can also rest assured that our work is 100% guaranteed, or we will do it over for free.

Remember, your bathroom is a reflection on you and your tastes, a welcoming oasis that beckons after a hard day on the job or on the tennis courts, a room that with a spa-like atmosphere is a get-away from the worries of your day.