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Sink Installation / Repair

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Sink Installation and Repair in Easton

Sink installation can be a cumbersome process, whether it be a new pedestal sink, kitchen sink, counter top sink, or utility sink, the process can become overwhelming for anyone not licensed or trained in matters concerning plumbing. The master plumbers of AmeriServe Plumbing are equipped and capable of installing any type of sink in just about any location.

Sink installation can take a quick turn for the worst when the involved piping has not be checked and measured for proper function with the new sink being installed. A master plumber will know and perform all the steps and checks necessary to make your new sink installation a carefree process. Often manufacturer’s instructions can be difficult to understand and comprehend, but there is never a need to fret with the ready team of AmeriServe Plumbing waiting to make your new sink installation as easy as picking up the phone.

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