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Your home’s plumbing serves several purposes, from supplying a hot water heater to simply watering the lawn. There are even intricate plumbing issues that involve your air conditioner, such as the condensate piping. At AmeriServe, we take pride in the services provided to you and your household. We work diligently to supply you with the best parts and industry expertise to get your home back into working order. Reasonable prices and rapid response is the core of our business, making you our top priority.

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What are Common AC Problems?

Your air conditioner can develop several problems that have simple repairs. Your air filter should be replaced every month, if you use the system consistently. If the filter becomes too dirty, it blocks air from moving into the air conditioner unit. The machine, in response, works harder to pull air into the assemblies, effectively reducing the unit’s lifespan and increasing energy consumption.

Clogs within the condensate piping can occur as well. Over time, debris that bypasses the filter clogs the pipe. Condensate moisture occurs when the system converts cool and hot air into comfortable air conditioning. The air’s moisture moves through the piping to evaporate out of a pan. A blocked pipe causes leaks around the inside air conditioner, possibly damaging the property.

When Should I Replace or Repair My Water Heater?

It is easy to ignore a water heater, but it is imperative that you inspect it each month for any obvious signs of decay. If you see any rust or corrosion along the tank’s base, it is time to call AmeriServe. We can evaluate the tank to see if it simply needs maintenance, including sacrificial anode rod replacement, or an entirely new unit. Water slowly corrodes the tank from the inside out, making periodic inspections imperative.

A neglected water heater can easily crack after only one decade, causing extensive flooding in the home. Any bulging or obvious damage to the outside of the tank is an indication that you need to replace it before anymore damage occurs.

What are Plumbing Emergencies?

Not every plumbing issue is an emergency, but there are several symptoms that tell you a professional is needed immediately. If you have several toilets or sinks that are simultaneously clogged, AmeriServe should come out immediately. The home has a main line that serves as a conduit for waste water. If that line becomes clogged, the entire home’s waste water cannot flow into local sewage facilities. AmeriServe needs to unblock that clog immediately.

If your home has a main water valve that is malfunctioning, AmeriServe should come out as soon as possible. Your main water valve allows you to control all the water supply to the home. If there is a broken faucet or sprinkler that cannot be turned off, you are wasting gallons of water each hour.

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