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Homeowners must contact professionals when plumbing and HVAC issues occur. However, most individuals don’t understand when a unit needs replacement or repair. Some plumbing issues are also considered emergencies. Understanding what issues are considered emergencies can be useful. Professionals also handle clogs. Although clogs are simple tasks for professionals, most clogs can be prevented. Our Clinton plumbing company has employees who can handle AC problems, water heater problems, plumbing emergencies, and drain problems.

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What Are Common AC Problems?

An AC unit can have many issues. However, some problems are very common. When homeowners understand what the problems are, they will understand what the technician is talking about during a discussion involving ways to fix the problems.

Lower Refrigerant Issues

Refrigerant is used to cool the air. When refrigerant is low, there may be a leak. Refrigerant leaks must be located and repaired.

When Outside Fan Isn’t Operating

The outside fan moves heat from the home to the outside. When the fan doesn’t operate, efficient heating will not occur, and the compressor could overheat. Overheating may also damage the compressor. This issue is caused because there is a lack of power, a faulty thermostat, or contractor issues.

What Causes Water Heater Problems?

Water heaters will have issues over time. However, replacing or repairing a unit depending on the unit’s condition, age, and the homeowner’s budget. Water heaters don’t have major issues until there is a puddle in the basement.

A water heater is a storage tank that lasts for a few years. When most homeowners have issues, they usually replace their units. New water heaters are 20% more efficient, and they save nearly $700 in energy costs. However, when a unit is a few years old, the best option is repair.

Understanding Water Heater Problems

Water heaters have various parts. Because of this, many issues can occur. The pilot light used for gas devices can stop flickering. Also, the circuits used for electric water heaters can trip. Other issues include heating elements that fail, thermostat issues, and a valve that sticks. Water minerals will affect the unit. When the unit has a leak, repair is not an option.

What Are Plumbing Emergencies?

There are various plumbing emergencies. Most issues involve frozen pipes, leaks, faucet issues, and clogs. During an emergency, locate the shutoff near the value. To solve the problem, rotate the valve clockwise.

What Causes Clogs?

Most clogs are caused by common issues, such as grease and toilet paper. Many clogs can be fixed with items available at stores. However, when the clog is big issue, consider hiring a repair company.

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