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Homeowners need professional services to solve their common AC problems. Our technicians tackle many of the most common problems efficiently. Our technicians also understand water heater issues. They provide advice about when homeowners should either replace or repair their units. Homeowners must also understand what is considered to be plumbing emergencies and what causes drain clogs.

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What Are Common AC Problems?

An air conditioner unit that is not the proper size will cycle on and off often when a home is too large. The unit will reach the setting on the thermostat fast. Once this occurs, the equipment will cycle off. Once the temperature travels below the thermostat setting, the device will operate again. Cycling also occurs when a device in the unit blows cool air on the thermostat.

Many issues can also cause the unit to run all the time. The unit may not be the proper size to cool the air in the home. Another problem involves an inside unit that stops operating while the outside fan continues to function. To solve this problem, turn the fan to the off setting. If the fan won’t stop running, power must be prevented from going to the device. To handle this task, turn off the circuit breaker that supplies the equipment. Low refrigerant also causes the unit to run without stopping. A professional technician must tackle this task.

What Causes Water Heaters to Break?

Water heaters are simple devices. Cold water travels to the tank, and it is heated using gas or an electric element. However, water heaters have various parts, so issues can occur. Replacing or repairing water heater parts is somewhat inexpensive. A plumber can also handle the project. When a tank is over 10 years old or has a leak, it is best to purchase a new tank.

Replacement is the only option when a unit has a leak. Leaks are caused by water minerals that affect steel. Over time, the minerals will corrode the water heater tank.

What Are Plumbing Emergencies?

A plumbing emergency involves leaks that can cause major damage. To reduce issues, the water must be shut off using a shutoff valve. Valves are usually located near certain appliances. Clogged drains are another plumbing emergency. When a clog occurs, stop the water using the faucet. Next, remove the issue that is causing the clog using a plunger. The plunger cup must cover the drain, and the water will travel over the edge of the plunger cup. When using the plunger, use a rhythmical motion many times to build pressure. When a plunger doesn’t solve the problem, consider hiring our company.

Another common clog is a clogged toilet. Most clogs can be handled without hiring a plumber. A clogged toilet should be tackled using the same techniques used for a clogged drain. A plunger is the best tool for this task. When a plunger is unsuccessful, hire a plumber.

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