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There are various common AC problems, however, our technicians have the skills to tackle many AC issues. Other problems that occur at homes involve water heaters. Many homeowners don’t know when to hire a technician to repair or replace their units. Some homeowners don’t know the proper procedures to use during a major leak. Our specialists handle water heater projects and plumbing emergencies efficiently. Clogs are also an issue and our specialists understand the causes of clogs. Our technicians give Allentown homeowners advice they can reduce and avoid drain clogs.
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What Are Common AC Problems?
Major appliances may have electrical or mechanical issues, such as an AC unit. When issues occur, homeowners should use methods to determine the cause of the problems. Homeowners can resolve some problems but most problems will require the services of a professional.
The Unit Will Not Function
An AC unit may not operate at the start of the cooling season. The unit won’t function if the thermostat is set improperly or is defective. Also, the unit may fail to get electrical power.
To solve this problem, inspect the thermostat. It must be set on the cooling setting. Most systems have a timer that will delay the operation of the equipment. After a few minutes, the timer will finish its cycle. Once this occurs, adjust the thermostat a few degrees below the temperature of the home. When a thermostat needs calibration, a professional must be hired.
Checking the thermostat can also solve the problem. Locate the main fuse on the panel to see if the fuse may be blown or tripped. Replacing the fuse with one that has the same amperage is recommended. Resetting the circuit breaker is also recommended.
Unit Blows Warm Air
A unit blows warm air because it may have dirty filters. The unit generates cold air, but the air cannot travel through the ductwork. Filters that are clean protect the unit and help it operate properly inspect the outside unit to ensure that it is running properly. There must be no debris blocking the airflow. An AC unit that blows warm air could also mean that there is insufficient refrigerant. A professional should handle coolant projects.
When Should I Replace or Repair My Water Heater?

A water heater is used a lot in homes. Most units provide about 12 years of use. However, this will vary depending on the local weather, the water heater design, the installation quality, and the level of maintenance that is provided by professionals. When a unit is 10 years old and has leaks, a replacement may be required. Common water heater repair problems include a faulty thermostat or an inefficient heating device.

What Are Plumbing Emergencies?
During plumbing emergencies, shut off the water supply. Everyone must understand how to use the shutoff valves. The valve should be used when a pipe bursts or leaks.
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