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 We are ready to take the heat back home in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Surrounding Areas.

The notion of a cold home in the middle of winter is enough to make anyone panic. Still, the experts at Ameriserve Heating & Air Conditioning know how to handle a  heating emergency. If a heater suddenly breaks down or fails to perform properly, it can result in a lack of comfort in your home. And this can be frustrating during the cold season. Ameriserve heating repair is the most reliable heating & air company ready to maintain your home comfort and relieve you of frustration by providing fast quality heater repair services. If you are searching for heating repair near me, we’re ready to fix the issues when something goes wrong with your heating system and ensure that your home is warm all season long! Call our heater repair professionals now for assistance at (610) 258-259

A need for heat repair service and maintenance is not always caused by system failure. Instead, small performance problems can show that your heater has difficulty maintaining temperature  and comfort in your home. Our heating service technicians in Pennsylvania, Bethlehem, Allentown, Bath, Easton, Nazareth, New Jersey, Phillpsburg, Bloomsbury, Alpha, Clinton, Washington and adjacent areas can tackle many of these heating problems. You can count on Ameriserve Heating & Air to provide you with what you need, from giving general heating repairs to installations. Some of the following heating services offered are as follow:

Boilers and Furnace Repair and Installation.

Don’t wait until your home heating system develop a fault. Contact Ameriserve Heating & Air, Pennsylvania, today for efficient boilers and furnace maintenance, repair, and installation.

The two most significant heating systems categories used for houses and buildings, in general, are Furnaces and boilers. The main difference between these two heating systems is in what they heat: Furnaces heat air distributed by a duct system, capable of distributing cool air in the hot summer months from a central air conditioning system.

Boilers are used in various hydronic heating systems. The so-called “combi-boilers” are meant to supply hot water for washing and heating all over the house. The ductwork in boiler-based heating is unnecessary unless your hot water provides a forced-air “hydro-air” heating system.

As far as furnace or boiler repair and installation is concerned, there’s no better company in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Surrounding Areas than Ameriserve Heating & Air. Our certified contractors know the right techniques for your boilers and furnace maintenance to ensure your home’s maximum comfort.

Oil Heat Repair in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Surrounding Areas

Do you need an Oil heat repair for your home? Are you in need of maintenance experts? If so, call licensed and insured technicians at Ameriserve Heat & Air in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Surrounding Areas. for your oil heat maintenance. The oil heater is not as widely known as gas or electricity, so you need an HVAC company with the qualifications and abilities to maintain the heating system. Fortunately, our HVAC team has the expertise to keep your oil heater functioning as expected. We do the following as part of our maintenance.

  • Check and clean the soot for accumulation.
  • Replace the oil filter or clean it.
  • Test the fan belt.
  • Ensure that the blower engine accessories are lubricated.
  • Clean the draft regulator, stack check, and fire nozzle.

As part of our oil heat maintenance in Pennsylvania and Surrounding Areas, our customer satisfaction on your oil heater is guaranteed. Give us a call today (610) 258-259.

Gas Heat Repair and Installation Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Surrounding Areas

Pennsylvania Gas Heater Contractor

Gas Heat is a common heating source for many homes in Pennsylvania and New Jersey due to its higher efficiency and reliable performance. Your gas heater can heat your home for many years in the winter months, but it will require constant maintenance or repair. Ameriserve Heating and Air can give your gas heater the adequate maintenance needed in functioning optimally.

You may want to consider replacing your gas heat if it is older and doesn’t give the energy efficiently to a new model. This helps you save money on your energy accounts over time.

Ameriserve heating & Air technicians provide outstanding service to residential customers in Pennsylvanian and its surrounding. If you choose us for your gas heater, you can count on our qualified technicians to efficiently work on your gas heater. Give us a call today (610) 258-259.

Ameriserve Heating & Air Conditioning Solves Heater Problems—Guaranteed!

Do you need heater maintenance, installation, or repair?  Ameriserve heating & air conditioning is prepared to come quickly to your home, diagnose the problem and offer a real, lasting solution.

Our heater technicians are highly trained, licensed, and continuously developing new ideas to keep up with the HVAC industry’s latest developments. In 90% of cases, our first visit can involve repairs, as we keep our vehicles stocked with our heating equipment. Best of all, we always show up when you expect us to because we understand how uncomfortable it can be for a heater to stop working. Get in touch with us today (610) 258-259.

Each winter you rely on your heater to keep your family warm. Make sure it’s working efficiently so that you are not left in the cold with an unexpected repair. AmeriServe offers comprehensive heating repair, installation and maintenance for your heater or boiler.
Common Heater Repairs
If there was ever an upside to needing heater repair, it’s the fact that signs of a potential heater failure can be easy to spot. Strange noises, lack of heat, a rising heat bill or inconsistent heating are all signs you may need repair. Some common heater repairs we see include:

Air filter issues

Keeping your air filter clean is imperative to running an efficient heater. Dirty or clogged filters can cause serious problems.

Broken or malfunctioning thermostat

If your heater is turning off or not heating properly, you may be experiencing thermostat issues.

Mechanical problems

The mechanical components in your heater can wear out. Things like motors and belts malfunctioning can cause serious issues with your heater.

The best way to prevent unexpected heater repairs is to stay ahead of the game. With regular repairs and inspections you can stay on top of your heaters needs.
How to Save Money on Heating Costs
Every homeowner’s goal is to save money. This is particularly true when it comes to your heater. There are several things you can do to save money on heating costs in your home. Try these tricks and tips and see how much you can save:
Hire a Professional for Heater or Boiler Installations
When installing a new heater or boiler, there are fragile components, and the danger of working around combustible fumes and fuels. Hiring an experienced professional is definitely the better option. A professional can make sure all the components are working correctly and cohesively. They will take into account your ductwork and registers and will observe all the latest building and safety codes. When it comes to installing your new heater or boiler, a professional can make the job go by like a breeze.

If you’re looking for a trustworthy plumbing contractor in the Easton, PA area then give us a try!

Call anytime (610) 258-2591 and schedule a service call.

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